Adoptable Pigs

Bella 1.6 years old. Cherry Valley


Gerty - Female - Sacramento, CA


Gerty is an incredibly sweet 1 yr old girl that's spending 10 hrs a day by herself. Her mama is very sad to be rehoming her but knows how unfair it is to leave such a social girl locked up in a pen all alone. She's seeking a foster or forever home. Does well with other animals, has been raised with a small child and is curious and friendly with strangers. Potty trained/kennel trained she'd make the perfect indoor piggy with outdoor playtime. 

Gordy - Male - Nuevo, CA


Gordy is a very sweet intact 5 mo old baby that's currently being fostered but looking for his forever home. He is eager for attention, super friendly and social, and would do just about anything to have a family of his own. He will be neutered prior to adoption - transport assistance is available. 

Bonded Sisters - Menifee, CA


These 7 mo old sisters were saved in a neglect situation and now need to find a new forever home or foster home before their humans move. They are both GREAT with kids and adults but seem afraid of dogs. They love attention, belly rubs, and one of them LOVES to talk. Transportation assistance available. 

Arlo - Male - Los Angeles, CA


This young intact boy is currently at the SPCA LA - South Bay location and in deseprate need of a foster or forever home. He is young, very loving, playful and friendly! He could easily be an indoor or outdoor piggy and will likely adjust well to a variety of different family structures. Transport avail.

Gabby - Female - Ranchita, CA


This 3 yr old spayed sweetheart found herself at the shelter as a stray. She is currently living in a rescue as an outdoor piggy but she's so mellow she may be fine as an indoor/outdoor gal. She's a little shy but warms up quickly with treats and a gentle approach. She shines with other pigs and do really well with a piggy sibling. She's looking for her forever home.

4 Male Piglets - Wildomar, CA

4 male piglets

These 7 mo old neutered brothers were taken from mama far too young but they are doing very well! They're currently in foster care in a family environment, being socialized and loved everyday. They do very well together and we'd love to see them go in pairs  but will consider single adoptions to the right homes. 

Becky - Female - Nuevo, CA


Becky is a one yr old shy girl is not sure why she lost her home but she's found a foster home to get her out of that shelter. She is a little nervous and just trying to find her place. She needs someone to give her patience and lots of love while she learns to trust again. She's looking for her forever home. Unknown if she's spayed yet.

#A1428766 - San Jacinto Shelter


This adult male is currently at the Riverside County Animal Shetler - San Jacinto Shelter. He's been there since March 25th and is available now. He desperately needs someone to be his hero - looking for a foster or forever home. Transport assistance avail.

Gus - Male - Nuevo, CA


This sweet boy has had a really rough start at life - he was found wandering in a yard and brought to the shelter where he wasn't cared for very well. He loves people and attention but really needs some rest, relaxation and time to heal. He has thankfully found a foster home and will be neutered soon. Looking for his forever home and a family of his own.

Little Lou - Female - Ranchita


This little girl is less than a yr old and finally out of the shelter, living life at Steampunk Farms, looking for her forever home. She has been through so much and a little shy but VERY sweet. This baby girl needs a forever home to call her own and start trusting again. Could you be her hero? 

Rescue Piglets - Ranchita, CA


These sweet sweet babies were born at Steampunk Farms - currently getting ready for their spay surgeries but will be ready for adoption in April. They are running around and playing and almost ready to find their new families. Adopt a Pig will facilitate adoptions and transport assistance if needed. Please inquire with any questions or submit an application to show interest. (discount adoption fee for pairs)

Pink - Female - Lucerne Valley


Pink is a 6 yr old spayed female that lost her home due to divorce. She is a sweet girl who like everyone - she lives indoors but enjoys her outside playtime. A healthy girl that doesn't care for having her face touched but enjoys her people. She's waiting for her forever home.

Ivan McRooty - Castro Valley, CA


Ivan is a 2 yr old neutered boy who is alone and lonely most of the day. He is needing a forever home with far more attention and possibly a companion piggy to hang out with. He lives indoors with outside playtime. He's VERY sweet and loves his people, belly rubs, treats, soft blankets and a comfy bed. 

A5168078 - Male - Lancaster, CA


This little guy found himself alone and confused at the Lancaster Animal Shelter. He is on hold but will be available 4.28.18. He is desperately seeking foster or forever home and Adopt a Pig would be happy to arrange this. Contact us direct with your interest in this beauty. Transport assist available.

Juliet - Female - Rio Linda, CA


This wild and crazy little girl - currently 4 wks in this picture - loves to nuzzle your ear and enjoys basking in the sun with her siblings. Her pregnant mama was rescued from the shelter and she was born into love and happiness. She'll be ready for adoption on Cinco De Mayo. She's a sweet baby and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

Marshall - Male - Rio Linda, CA


This little guy loves to play until he crashes. 4 wks old in this picture - he loves to cheerio hunt while listening to country music and getting loved on by his people. His pregnant mama was rescued from the shelter and he was born into love and happiness. He's neutered and will be ready for adoption on Cinco De Mayo. Will you be his new family?

Female Piglet - Ranchita, CA


This 7 week old female is one of a few in her litter who will be spayed/neutered and ready for their forever homes the beginning of April. Please submit and application with your interest for these sweet babies. 

Poppy - Female - Atascadero, CA


Poppy is a 3 yr old intact female that was rescued from a yard sale 8 mo ago. She is very sweet, comes when she's called, eager for attention but she truly wants to be an indoor pig and that's not possible at her current home. She has literally gotten stuck in the dog door trying to break in the house. She's seeking an indoor home with outdoor playtime and someone to love her. 

Hamilton - Male - Visalia, CA


This 5 mo old piglet was rescued from a horrible situation and severe neglect. He has recovered so well, is very loving and friendly and looking for his forever home. He's moving to his foster home where he'll be getting neutered. He's a young boy so he could be indoor or outdoor as long as he has lot's of belly rubs and cuddles.  

Young Male Adult, Foster Care


This young neutered male was rescued from a bad situation and is currently in a foster home that didn't anticipate how strong pigs were. They fear he will break loose when she goes back to work. He is very shy and really needs a home that can give him time and patience to trust humans again. Foster or forever home needed for this shy, timid boy.

Hank the Tank - Ranchita, CA

Hank and his mama

This sweet 7 week old male piglet will be going in for his neuter soon and is currently looking for his forever home in a couple of weeks. These babies live outside at a rescue but are young enough to be indoor/outdoor pigs if you would prefer. Complete and application and submit to let us know of your interest. (Hank and his mama)

Oreo - Ranchita, CA


This sweet 7 week old female piglet is almost ready for her new home. She'll be getting spayed and ready for the family of her dreams in a couple weeks (beginning of April). Her mama didn't have a great start and came to the sanctuary already pregnant but this angel has been loved since day one and wants to keep it that way.

Mr Magoo/Cuddles - Livermore


This 3 yr old  bonded pair - Neutered male/intact female have been together since they were brought home. The must stay together - They are indoor piggies that use a dog door to go outside anytime they want. potty trained and total cuddlers, live with two dogs and a cat and get along great - they are looking for their new forever home. Transport assistance available by owners.