Surrendering my pig

What will happen to my pig?

Grey Shelter Pig

Pigs are emotional animals with complex relationships. It's important to understand the confusion and depression that often sets in after a pig is sent to live at a new home. They build very strong bonds with their human counterparts and grieve the loss of those relationships. A pigs loss of trust and feelings of abandonment can transform them into a pig you don't recognize. Over time they can transform and trust again, but it's a journey.

Who can I trust with my pig?


Although nothing guarantees the safety and well being of your pig unless you keep him - there are some things to absolutely avoid when looking for a new home. People are searching Craigslist everyday for free and low cost pigs - ANY breed will do. They know what to say, they know how to act and their sole purpose is to use your pig for bait in dog fighting or to take them to the butcher. Avoid places like Craigslist and screen every potential home beforehand.  

Is this my only option?


Can anything else be done to keep your pig home with you? Have you tried extra training? Reinforced fencing? Spaying and Neutering? Healthy diet? Rehoming your pig should be a very last resort - Let us talk with you about alternatives to giving up your pig and see if there's an option that keeps him home. The over population of this animal makes good, well adjusted and reliable homes very hard to find.   

How do I know my pig will be safe?

Putting Your Mind at Ease

We know how emotional and upsetting it can be to rehome an animal. Although we cannot make any guarantees about your pigs future, we can help with assuring you the adoption process gives your pig the best chance at an opportunity for a safe and happy forever home.

Application Process

 Every potential adopter and foster home completes a thorough application to cover all aspects of owning and caring for this sometimes complicated animal, to assure the future safety and wellness of your pig

Personal Reference Checks

Three reference checks are required from friends/family/neighbors of every adopter/foster to speak of their home environment and personal character.

Home Checks

Home checks are required to ensure potential homes are pig friendly and safe from foreseeable harm. Homes are required to have adequate shelter from the elements, warm/comfortable bedding, an all day shade spot, access to  sunshine, a constant water source for hydration, water/mud wallow, and adequate fencing. Must be free from obvious dangers and potential harms.

Adoption Contracts

All adopters are required to sign a contract with Adopt a Pig to ensure the health, wellness and safety of your pig. If for any reason an adoptive home is unable to care for their pig, he/she will be returned to Adopt a Pig for placement or fostering. This is a legal binding contract that will be enforced when/if needed.

Consistent and Ongoing Support

Adopt a Pig remains an ongoing support resource for all adopted pigs - we remain available for all questions, aggression issues, behavioral issues, pig introductions, dietary questions, recommendations for veterinary care,  hoof/tusk trims, training and ANY other concerns that arise through the lifetime of their pig.

Are you ready to surrender your pig

Pig Information Questionaire

Complete this questionnaire for each pig - be as honest, accurate and complete as possible

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Surrender Agreement

Owners are required to sign the surrender agreement prior to Adopt a Pig taking possession of your pig

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Questions, Concerns, Comments?

Before signing any contracts or agreements - contact us direct with any questions or concerns.

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